How can I make my own website?

It's kind of fun doing the impossible

    People often say...
I want to
make my own web page,
but where do I start?

    Sometimes, the best answer is another question. So....

    What do you expect your web page to do for you?

    Take time and create a vision of what your web page really needs to accomplish. Contemplate the following questions before creating a web site.

Good Planning
saves time in the end!
  • What's the subject of your internet web site?
  • What should your web page accomplish?
  • Who should be attracted to your web site?
  • Why would people look at your web page?
  • What should people do at your web site?
  • Do you want to make money with your web page?
  • How to pay your expenses?
  • Building a site for other people to maintain?

    You can build your own web site. Observe different viewpoints, not only different people, but search engines, graphics, sales copy etc. Sorting out which facets are essential to your website, can be challenging. The costs and time expenditures are different for each webpage.


Picture Worth Thousand Words

Increase Search Engine Traffic
with Better Keywords

    "Supply and Demand" is a very powerful concept. Popular words and phrases are most likely being supplied by many. It makes an enormous difference in website traffic when you learn which keyword phrases people are searching for, but fewer websites are supplying.

You were designed for success
    When you make your own web site, follow these simple procedures to fine tune your keyword preference and increase your search engine traffic. Optimize your web page, using keyword phrases in the right places. Learn the secrets of keeping the search engines happy.

    Search engines are always adjusting algorithms to provide the best pages for their customers. Only target phrases for things you can really supply. Topping the search list for popular phrases can be tough, so using web site search engine optimization helps get you into the top ten keyword rankings.

    Then it's time to tell everyone "I can make my own web page" by sending invitations to visit your web page!

Make Money With Your Web Page

    Websites that make it big aren't done by luck or magic. Translate features into benefits for great products or services for customers who actually want them.

Free HTML Tutorial and HTML Reference Guide

    There are many ways to write for web sites without programming. If you start getting choosy about the way your page looks or works, you may want to learn to program.

    There are quite a few programming languages vying for your attention. HTML should be your first choice because it is the basis of all web languages. Learning HTML opens opportunities for control, as most other languages alter HTML.