HTML File Windows

Windows File Structure (DOS)

    Contrary to some beliefs, DOS is still alive and well, living in the Windows environment. The purpose of this section is to help you make a local environment for building your webpage.

    When you see a web site being constructed, it usually goes from nothing to complete in minutes. It is doubtful that anyone can program that fast. It makes more sense to build it and test it on your local machine before you expose it to the world.

    A directory (or folder) is a location for files. It is a more organized way of storing files and keeping things separated on your hard disk.

Windows Method

DOS Method

    This procedure will describe using Windows Explorer in Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7. Right click 'Start', select 'Explorer' (or 'All Programs', 'Accessories').

    The Windows environment prefers to call a directory a folder, so, this procedure will follow that convention.

    Make sure the (C:\) folder is highlighted like the figure below. If you are making a sub-folder of another folder, make sure you are highlighting that folder.

Make a folder in Windows

    Then, select 'File', 'New' and 'Folder'. The Windows Explorer will create a new folder and prompt you to name it.

Make a folder in Windows

    To make a directory in DOS, type the following at the DOS Prompt (C:\>):


Where: dirname is the name of the directory you are making. For your webpage, you might want to call it WEBPAGE. The syntax for this command would be:


    Note: If you are planning on making several web sites, you may want to make a sub-directories like WEBPAGE\FIRST and WEBPAGE\SECOND. The syntax for these commands would be:


    To change to the new directory, simply type: