Graphic Background Image

A good background

should enhance your message,

without distracting or making it unreadable.

    A graphic background should simply make your web page look professional. Ask for different peoples opinions, preferably people in your target audience.

    There are several styles of background graphic images. There are single picture, horizontal, vertical or the most popular is tiles. Tiles are rectangular and could be any size. All of these examples repeat as the default, unless you've learned to use styles.

    Using flat colors as a background is very useful, especially behind text as it doesn't distract like most patterns would. Color gradients can also be used if you've learned styles.

    Looking at this web page, you'll notice several levels of backgrounds. The far back should simply make the front pop, and you need to use the <body></body> tags. Anything with text should be relatively flat, because you want the text to be read. If you make text difficult to read, they simply won't!

    You may use background concept in just about any container, like Tables, Div etc.

Seamless Background

    When you make your own web site, a good graphic background is a simple way to give your web page a nice texture. The texture is usually best if you make a seamless graphic background image.

Background with Seam

    A background using vivid colors or patterns detracts from your text message by making them unreadable. Remember, your text must be read through the background texture. You should use a soft background.

    Making a seamless background is a fairly simple task with Corel Paint Shop Pro.

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    You can personalize your backgrounds. You can even use your own logo for your background. A good background gives your page a professional look. Any background you create yourself is a free background image.