Purchase Internet Domain Name

    When you make your own web site, the benefit of buying an internet domain name is portability (No Change of Address). As long as you renew your domain name, it can be your address forever. Physically move your web site anywhere without having to change your address!

    A domain name ensures you have more control of your web site. An unclaimed domain name is very cheap, but can become quite valuable, like Google.com or Facebook.com. It depends on how you manage it.

How To Purchase A Web Domain

    When I make my own web page, one of my favorite places for buying domain names, even has resources for internet web page hosting, web site building tools (requiring very little programming knowledge) and domain email.

    If you make your own web site for profit, I suggest doing some keyword and niche marketing strategy. If you want to make money with your web page, this can pay off big before registering domain names. Check our section on Niche Marketing Strategy. The process is easy. Do it right and, web site traffic comes from people just typing in your domain name. As an example, people think how can I "make my own web page," so they go to their browser and type "MakeMyOwnWebPage.com."


    Another good option for buying domain names is better for controlling many domain names and/or have chosen your internet web page hosting service. Purchase internet domain names and stake your claim in the domain registry. Costs are surprisingly reasonable, especially comparing to traditional advertising.

    If some day, you outgrow your web page hosting service, can you move your web site to another server? Sure, but if your web site address includes someone elses domain name, moving means your web site address must change too. Domain name portability means, you can move your business, change internet web page hosting providers, get your own equipment or grow into bigger servers. Nobody knows but you because, you keep the same email and web site addresses. Internet domain names are great for commercial identities, because you have complete authority over your domain.

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    Imagine moving and keeping all your marketing efforts, including printed materials like business cards and stationary. It's possible to use your domain name for your business or personal email as well. Not only discover new opportunities, but keep your previously earned opportunities intact when you purchase internet domain names.

    When you purchase an internet domain name from the domain registry, you must select a unique domain name. Only one person can own a specific domain name. You can only buy unregistered domain names from the domain registry. Don't worry, they tell you.

    If you want to make a personal web site, simply use your name. If you own a business, and you want to make money with your web page. Use the business name or the name of the primary product. If the domain name is still available, it can be yours. New domain name purchases are inexpensive. It's easy to purchase domain names using the domain registry.

Purchase Internet Web Page Hosting

    If you want your web page viewed around the world, your page requires a physical home. This is called internet web page hosting on a web hosting server.

    Are you asking yourself, "can I learn how to make a webpage?"

    Do you want the world to be viewing your website a lot sooner than you thought possible?

    Webpage hosting is the physical location of your internet domain name. People can see your domain name from around the world. The folks at Register.com provide webpage hosting at reasonable prices. They include web page creation tools to help you write a professional looking web page, even if you're a webpage novice.

    You don't have to learn complicated programming languages. You just need internet web page hosting, with web page content management tools.

Advantage of Buying Domain Names

    If you build your own web site, you want complete control of your web pages. Paying for internet web page hosting gives you more control. If your web site is hosted free, you'll have limitations (on traffic, bandwidth etc). They may also put ads on your web site, competing with your products or even things you'd prefer not to be associated with.

    Make sure you have complete control of your website!