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Why isn't it listed yet?

    Once we've finished creating our web page and announce our arrival to the web, we want to see web traffic right away.

    In reality, our web site submission is added to the Google "crawl" list along with millions of our closest friends. It usually takes a couple of weeks to show up, but it could happen in a couple of days. All of the Search Engines essentially work this way!

    Search engines have a huge job. They need to look, sort and record every single webpage, on every single website on the internet. Then, come back regularly to see if anything has changed. With billions of web pages, this task is not only daunting, but takes a lot of time.

Do your best, then relax
    How do you know if your website is listed on Google yet? Finding yourself in a search engine can be tough the first time, because we have no idea where we rank until we've looked. You may be disappointed if you expect to top the search list first time out. Be aware, you'll rank differently for different words and phrases.

    My simple solution to this problem? You can always be first in the search engines for something unique to you. The entire web site name is unique, so put it at the bottom of the web page. I'll use this page as an example:

    This provides unique text, and you really should be in the top ten search engine results. It also provides your visitors a return path to find your web page again, in case they printed it for their files, but didn't bookmark or add to favorites.

    Now, when you run your search, use quotation marks like this:


    If you need more control of your Search Engine Submissions, try

I Need Hits = Paid Inclusion, Faster Search Results

I Need Hits - Paid Inclusion
Get Found Sooner!

    Normally, the search engines look for every word, in any combination. The slashes and dots are often perceived as spaces, which makes your webpage address look like several words. With quotes, you have defined your search as an exact phrase. Quotes can make a huge difference, like millions versus 3 results.

    That should nail down first place, so if your page isn't shown in the search results, then it probably hasn't been listed yet. Just wait for about a week or two, then resubmit.