Find Niche Markets

The Most Successful Businesses,
Find People with Great Needs,
That Aren’t Being Supplied,
Then Supplies Them,
For A Profit

    We envy those people who seemingly stumble into a great idea. Do you want a home web business of your very own, not an MLM or franchising scheme that takes the bulk of your profits first? Are you tired of being just another business trying to win the price wars?

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.
    Niche marketing strategy is actually a concrete method to become one of those fortunate people. Do you just want to know how to make money with your web page? The formula is fairly simple, but requires some very worthwhile effort to build the foundation.

    If this is your first effort selling on the internet, you should know, it is a much different marketplace than running a traditional local "brick and mortar" business. The main difference selling on the internet is the sheer volume of people in your audience, compared to your local community. The real challenge is getting your product noticed by the right people, your actual customers.

Selling paperclips in Huston Idaho (remember Superman II)

Since Huston has a tiny population, you must totally dominate the entire paperclip market of Huston to even hope to make a living. You might even try expanding your niche to sell all the Office Supplies in Huston Idaho.

... probably still not enough!
The internet expands our marketplace to billions of people. On the internet, we could actually specialize in "Red, White and Blue Paperclips" and make a better living (especially after 9/11).

Make sure the marketplace thinks of you as the King (or Queen) of "Red, White and Blue Paperclips!" If you dominate your niche, then your niche marketing strategy is working. What niche could possibly be better than the one you dominate?
After all it's...

Better to be a big fish in a little pond,
than a little fish in a big pond

Starting A Business Is So Easy
Even Cavemen Did It!

    Accomplishing any task usually requires some type of tools. Caveman hunters used tools, like arrowheads. The time spent creating these tools was significant and took time away from hunting.

    Sometimes problems guide us to wonderful solutions. These new solutions can even totally change our lives for the better.

Cave man to find niche market
    This particular caveman stumbled into his niche, maybe even quite literally. Many people never really discover their niche in life. People who find their niche are usually happier and much more productive.

    Use the best niche finding tools to decide the subject of your internet business web site. Efficiently find niche products to sell.

All Successful Businesses
Help Customers Solve Problems!

    Successful business people think about their business all the time. They continuously dream up ways to solve problems and make their customers happy. You’d think they would do this even if they didn’t get paid. After all, if you love what you’re doing, running a successful web business from home, won’t even seem like work.

    Finding your niche may seem like magic, but you already have a niche within yourself. Now, let’s discover what you should be doing for the rest of your life, and create your very own niche business.

    The more effort you exert on this task, the better your results should be. Expect this task to take hours or even days. If you've ever felt like you're spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere, this could very well be your turning point toward improving your life.

Deciding what to do with the rest of your life
is definitely worth the effort!

    OK, time to get out a pen and paper. Options may include, a pocket sized notebook or a pocket recorder to make listing more portable. The list eventually needs to get on paper or screen to really work though.

First, write down all your skills.

Questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What jobs have you done?
  • What have people encouraged you to make and sell?
  • Ask friends and co-workers about your skills.
  • Skills should include hobbies and play.

    You have more skills than you are aware of. Even jobs you didn’t like included skills you might have enjoyed in another setting, so write them down too.

    Now is the time for the really fun part, the dream list. In this list, write down the jobs you’ve dreamed about having. Job ideas like, what did you want to be in kindergarten, or high school? You should definitely include those dream jobs you never dared to say out loud!

    Even if some of these dream jobs seem ridiculous, list it anyway. We can work out the trivial details later.

Have fun!
If you start getting excited about this,
then you’re doing it right.

    These 2 lists should really include every potential career you’ve ever done or may have ever wanted to do. Your skills list defines what you’ve already learned and accomplished. Your dreams list includes things you’d really like to be a part of, things that get you excited.

    So this leaves us with a lot of great ideas to sort through. The dream list isn’t necessarily specific jobs, but subjects of interest.

Jack Palance:
"Do you know what the secret of life is? One thing. Just one thing..."
Billy Crystal:
"Yeah, but what's that one thing?"
Jack Palance:
"That's what you've got to figure out."

From the movie City Slickers

...So how do we
figure out that "one thing?"

    I bet you're thinking, "how do we narrow the list down?" Well, surprise! We're still growing the list. Your dream list is seldom detailed enough to accomplish anything. That's why it’s still called the "dream list."

    This NFL example should help organize your mind. Being a player may seem exciting because of the great pay. A real player succeeds because they love the game. These other jobs would allow you to participate in a game you love too. Otherwise, it sorts you to the next item on your dream list.

    The first few items are time consuming, but after awhile you’ll get much more efficient. Some items, you might want to skip all together. That’s fine, just be honest enough with yourself to admit if you’re getting lazy, or these items just aren’t that interesting to you.

    By the time you’ve worked through the entire list, you’ve probably learned some pretty cool stuff about yourself. What you should have now is a realistic list of things you could be doing for the rest of your life.

    The next reality is time constraints. We must face the fact that you can do anything you want, just not everything you want. You simply don't have time to do it all. order to succeed,
you must pick one thing,
then do it with all your heart!

Find Online Niche Business

    You can make money with your web page in ways most people have never heard of. Many are described in this free 150+ page Affiliate Masters Course

    This free report is better than most other programs costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

    At this point, you should have a great list of things you might like to do for the rest of your life. Now, we need to discover which of these ideas is the best business to fit you. How do we know which ones are most likely to be profitable?

Law of Supply and Demand

    You’ve probably been frustrated with a dissatisfying product, but can’t find another source to provide anything better. Even worse is no solution at all. This can be a great opportunity if you can do something better than anyone else!

  • find a niche you can provide solutions for.
  • find a niche with enough people willing to pay for solutions.

What are your Customers
Searching For (High Demand)?

    Discovering what your customers are searching for is a great niche marketing strategy. Since the internet was designed and maintained by people who love to keep track of everything, it’s pretty easy too.

    One way search engine companies make money is to sell words and phrases as "Pay Per Click" (PPC). Many PPC systems let you bid on phrases, so this necessitates them having good information on your potential niche keyword phrases.

... but, PPC programs have great niche finding tools! For free.

    Google supplies just such a tool, called

    Now, you can take your favorite item from the niche list you’ve created and plug it into Google Adwords. The
adword program returns phrases containing your words, with the monthly requests for each. I like to put the list into a spreadsheet file (like Excel).

Google Adwords

    You should mine each item in your niche marketing list. Try different variations of the subject. Try different related products and services. Plug each item into Adwords and see what comes out. Add all of your results to your spreadsheet.

What your Customers
Aren't Finding (Low Supply)?

    At this point, it would be easy to choose the phrase with the most traffic. A smart internet business web site owner knows better. It’s much better to find online niche products that very few supply, but is in great demand. This follows that basic economic principle the Law of Supply and Demand.

    What we really want to do, is compare your Adword results to the people already trying to supply the demand. You can do this simply by using the

Google Search Engine

Note: Put quotes around the phrase to limit your results. This limits your results to that exact phrase.

    Every google search includes the number of pages they found with the phrase you requested. In Google Search, simply test each word from your Google Adword results.

Supply Things to People
Who Actually Want Those Things

    Now you’ve accomplished the arduous task of testing all of your Google Adword results against the Google Search Engine for your first niche keyword. In my spreadsheet, I add one more column with a formula to test the relationship between supply and demand.

  A B C D
1 Search Term Demand Supply Ratio
2 travel guide 823,000 87,600,000 0.00939
3 travel agency 1,000,000 8,240,000 0.12136
4 travel agent 823,000 10,200,000 0.08069
5 adventure travel 301,000 4,470,000 0.06734
6 travel 185,000,000 1,260,000,000 0.00147

Demand (Google Adwords)
Supply (Google Search Engine)

= Profitability Ratio

.... or with the sample spreadsheet, use the formula
+b2/c2 in cell d2 ... etc

    The results from your "Profitability Ratio" should help you to find niche markets. You'll want to choose the phrases with this highest ratio.

    After you’ve chosen phrases that look profitable, check your competition. If you choose "travel" you have 1.26 billion other suppliers. The winners are in the top 10 search results. Not 10 million or 10 thousand but 10! Only a huge organization can compete with those types of numbers (like Travelocity, Orbitz etc). Travel is a very competitive niche keyword.

    I used this process selecting the domain "" I was astonished when I hit the top 10% of the worlds internet traffic before I had written a word. People just typed in the domain name on their browser, hoping to find something.

    Of course, creating content so the search engines could find me, provided much more traffic.

    In the above example, you might want to drill down to something more specific, like "Idaho Travel" or "Snow Board Travel." Pick a place you love to go and keep your receipts because, when you start making money, remember to ask your tax accountant about travel expenses.

    Creating your niche list seems like a fairly simple process, but doing this before you even select a domain name can make a huge difference in search engine traffic and ultimately your profits. It's a great way to build a home web page business.

How To Make Money
With Your Web Page

    The web sites who make it big aren't done by luck or magic. They are the ones who take the right steps. A home web business succeeds if you do 2 things well:

  • Attract visitors to your site
  • Convince visitors to buy your products

    Once you understand how to make this work, you'll realize...

Magic, isn’t really magic, once you know the trick!

    These same proven methods we used to find our niche also work finding keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you make your own web business from home, analyzing all the words and phrases for a niche does take awhile.

...but it doesn’t have to take so much time!

    Save countless hours creating your web page, when the niche finding tools are built in. What if the website kept track of where you rank in the search engines for each keyword phrase you target? Could this help you attract visitors to your niche web page and make more profit?

    Creating a web page doesn't have to be much more complicated than using a Word Processor. You CAN easily learn to do it yourself.

    Invest your valuable time on your business, not HTML web page writing. Focus on your bottom line while you get your Domain Name, Web Hosting and Web Traffic Building Tools, all together in a simple to use package.

When You Make Your Own Web Site.
Dominate the Web Site Traffic in your Niche.

    For about the same price as other web hosts with much lower average traffic statistics, you can build lots of traffic instead, and make more money with a very profitable web business.

    The pyramid to the right compares traffic of all internet sites against the SBI system. A full 62% of SBI sites achieve the top 3% of traffic throughout the entire internet. Normal web hosting doesn't even come close to these statistics.

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