Attract Visitors to your Web Page

Desire for Success
    Do you want to attract visitors to your web page? How would they know you exist? There are many ways to announce your new web page. Some announcements are a one time thing, while others are ongoing.

    The real secret to inviting visitors is to find the right crowd. The right crowd includes people who care about the subject of your web site. Every web page writer should know a lot about their most likely visitors.

    If you look at the habits of your current visitors, you should get a pretty good idea of where they might see your invitation. For instance, you wouldn't try to sell Classical Music on a Hip-Hop Radio station. You might get a couple sales from people who love all music, but don't expect any earth-shattering results. You could choose a lot better!

    With traditional advertising, your cost increases by the number of people reached. This creates a natural limitation. The internet has similar limitations, but are based on things a little less tangible like, consistency of your message etc.