Invite Visitors Back To Your Web Page

Courage Vs Fear
    Our marketing friends tell us, each time a visitor returns, they're more likely to participate in our offers. So, how do we get them to come back to your web page? Visitors aren't likely to remember how they got there the first time. There are however, several ways of inviting people back.

Bookmark or Favorite

    Ask visitors to bookmark the page (Firefox) or add as a favorite (Internet Explorer). No guarantees, but if you just ask them, they might. Of course, the content of your page helps them make that decision.

Start a new blank page

    We send people off to another web site to do something. How do we bring them back for more? I like to open a fresh page for their destination. This leaves your page waiting in the background. This HTML goody is the target modifier to the <a href> tag. Start a new blank page when you go to the link. This works great with the OUTLINK approach, as it eliminates a step for the visitor.

example.htm - Notepad
<a href="" target="_blank">

    Using this method, the user goes to the vendor page and makes their purchase. Your web page is patiently waiting behind the one they have been looking at. If they are following a link to buy something, coming back to your page gives them the opportunity to participate in more of your offers.

Subscriptions to your Newsletters

    Newsletters are a wonderful way to stay connected to your visitors. It gives you the opportunity, not only to invite them back, but also show off some of your expertise. Once they decide you're an expert in the subject, the more likely they are to participate in your offers.

    Email has been a wonderful tool over the years. Unfortunately, it has also been widely abused. Approximately, 90% of all email is Spam or junk mail. In our regular Postal Mail (Snail Mail), it has a natural limit, the cost of stamps. Email is sent for free. Now, most Internet Providers spend most of their time filtering out junk email.

Mail Chimp
    Maintains your mailing lists. Send out newsletters according to different schedules. People can select the type of device they have. Does most of the work for you.

    Any mass mailings are prone to being listed as Spam. If you get too many Spam listings, many Internet Providers will ban you from their Email Services.

    How do you keep from being listed as Spam? First, only send email to people who have opted (asked) for your email. Next, when someone asks to be removed from your mailing list, remove it! These simple rules help, but even then, people forget they opted in. I like to use Mail Chimp.