Keyword and Marketing Techniques

    When I make my own web page, I want people to find it and look at it! The first rule of profitability is to drive traffic to my web site. A web page must have a top 10 keyword ranking to attract visitors. About 95% of search engine traffic never looks past the top 10 sites.

Expectation becomes Dominant Thought
    The internet is vast compared to traditional "brick and mortar" businesses, so, before we can determine keywords, we must decide on our subject or product. The search engines like you better if you highly focus your content on a specific subject.

    So, what do you love to do? What knowledge do you have that other people want to know? Be specific. You can expand later after you have success with the first item. For more on this, visit our Find Niche Markets page.

Drive Traffic to My Web Site

    If you want to make money with your web page, then you must attract web site traffic. When people search, statistics show about 95% of searchers stop before the second page. Virtually all searchers quit before the third page. This makes it apparent that achieving top 10 keyword ranking (not 10,000 or 10 million, JUST 10), makes a huge difference getting a good share of the traffic or none of the traffic.

    First, you have to be listed in the search engines. This is fairly easy if you follow the advice at Listed on Google Yet page. If you "Google" yourself, you should find your web site in the top 10. Try this for each of the search engines.

    Obviously, the next logical question would be, "what would my customers look up?" Good keyword marketing is the best tip for getting traffic to your web site.

    Take your time when choosing keywords and marketing takes care of itself. If you choose a popular keyword, but millions of web sites are competing, you may never rank high enough to get traffic. If nobody is searching for your keyword, then you still receive no traffic.

    So, the big question becomes...

What Keywords Do I Focus On
To Drive Traffic To My Web Site?

Adword Keywords, free from Google

  This adsense keyword tool comes from Google. They supply this tool for people who want to buy keywords.

    The search engines keep trying to invent a better keyword position tool. The search engines use algorithms to determine how web sites rank.

    The new top tool that promotes bidding keyword traffic to reach top 10 keyword ranking, is the Google Adsense keyword tool. Most search engines have bidding for the keyword and charge by the click-through. Customers are willing to pay more for keywords that are sought after, so they show us the rankings.

    Do we want to do "pay per click?" Maybe, but let's look at the free tools first! They can be pretty amazing!

    When you click on Google Adword keywords, you are asked for your keyword preference. You may choose a single word or a phrase. You simply look for a word you are interested in, then they tell you how many people have been looking up this keyword, along with a list of related phrases. This is real demand by real potential customers, monthly.

    Since every one seems to enjoy travel, let's try out the word travel and see what comes up. I like to plug the information into a spread sheet for comparison.

    Notice each phrase contains the basic keyword? Each specific phrase brings in the specified number of searches per month. Of course, search rates can change, especially if the keyword is seasonal (like Christmas). Check them once in awhile. This keyword positioning tool does show activity for the past year. As you read through a list of related adword keywords, some phrases may stimulate other ideas for other keywords. Check on them too!.

Drive Traffic to My Web Site (Find Low Supply)

    Now that we know what our potential visitor wants (demand), let's find out if anyone else is currently meeting that demand. How do we find out? The search engines give us great information about supply. We simply search and find out how many web pages supply the demand for each word.

Google Search

  Comparing Google search results with Google Adwords should provide a usable ratio.

    The results from the Google Adsense Keywords gives us the adword keywords our potential visitors are demanding. These are words with potential traffic and profit.

    It would be great to have top 10 keyword ranking for every one of these words. The reality is that other web sites are already providing some information. You might imagine, if 101 million people are searching for 'travel' monthly, someone else has noticed too! In some cases, you'll be competing with entire marketing departments. In this case, you'd be competing with about 3.8 billion web sites for the top 10 spots.

The easiest website traffic to obtain are the potential visitors who are not being served at all

    I added a supply (competition) column to the spread sheet. This is where we put the Google Search Engine results. Check each item in the Demand column one at a time. Make sure to put quotes around each phrase before submitting it to Google. This gets more realistic and accurate results for our purposes.

    Using quotes with your Google search results limits those results to the specific phrase (Boolean AND). The Google results include the number of pages found. This is the supply. Write this into your supply column in the spread sheet. Quite simply, this is your competition for this phrase.

Getting Targeted Traffic to your Web Site
(Profitability Ratio)

    If you look at your spread sheet, you can see some things might be better than others. You can make this more clear by using a profitability ratio. The profitability ratio is demand divided by supply.

Profitability Ratio = demand

    In spreadsheet language, the formula +(b2/c2) would be in cell d2, +(b3/c3) would be in cell d3, etc. The beauty of spreadsheets shines with the discovery of how to copy formulae from one cell to a block of cells without having to make any adjustments (cut and paste).

    Once we have the ratios, the results become more clear. The highest ratio is easier to rank highly, while the lowest ratio indicates more competition per request. The word "travel" by itself, while it has the most requests, turns out to be one of the toughest words to rank highly with. It's not surprising to find 'last minute travel' doing better.

    What happens when 50 people want something and 5000 people supply it. Those 50 people can afford to pick and choose. What if only 2 people supply it. They may not even have to compete, but just try to keep up with the orders and charge whatever they want.

Supply and demand is the basis of our economy

    Look at the supply of people performing travel services. The lowest requested keyword phrase has about 634,000 web pages trying to supply this demand already. The travel agents out there have their work cut out for them trying to rise to the top 10 keyword ranking.

    I think I would go through the entire keyword list (this one is partial), check the good ratios and your favorite subjects and run the Google Adwords analysis on each phrase to get something better. You'll find it's more profitable to carve out a smaller niche, like "CanCun travel" or even "Idaho travel." You would be much more likely to increase search engine traffic with a smaller subject.

    After all, it's...

Better to be a big fish in a little pond,
than a little fish in a big pond

    PS: while checking out the supply, take a closer look at the top contenders. Some of these folks are competition. Study them and get ideas about why the successful ones succeed while the others don't. If they refer to great resources with affiliate programs, note those too. The competition could become your partner. Keep track of the better ones. Start making a list now, before you make your own web site.

    How do you know which sites are successful? Try looking them up in...

Check out Alexa Ranking,
shows the busiest web sites on earth

    Alexa shows the top several million web sites (about top 1%). It is surprising just how little web site traffic it takes to get on that list. There is plenty of room for you to compete, if you know how.

Make Money With Your Web Page

    Wouldn't it be great if all these tools were integrated into your webpage building environment? How about something that tracks the Adword Keywords for your site, tells you what supplies are already being provided? How about a tool that even tracks your usage of Adword Keywords within the webpage?

    The Site Build It! program does that and more, for about the cost of web hosting alone.